Mixtape 4: Some Nights Are Long

Here is the 4th Snowboarding Mixtape! There is a lot of Indie stuff, but I thought it might allow a lot of people to discover some new bands out there that are pretty awesome whether its for snowboarding or anything else actually!!  Theres also a few bands from my hometown (Montreal) that I included.  The last 2 songs are suggestions for the ride home for those of you who drive. Hope you guys enjoy it. If not… Well maybe better luck next time, or recommend me something!

  1. Broken Social Scene – Fire Eye’d BoySunset Mountains
  2. DVAS – Society
  3. Hudson Mohawke – FUSE
  4. Diamond Rings – Show Me Your Stuff
  5. Miracle Fortress – Maybe Lately
  6. Karkwa – Echapper Au Sort
  7. Delorean – Look Alice
  8. Hesta Prynn – Can We Go Wrong
  9. Shiny  Toy Guns – Le Disko
  10. The Sounds – Living In America
  11. MC Chris – Wiid
  12. Kid Koala – Emperor’s Main Course (ride home)
  13. Telefon Tel Aviv – Nothing Is Worth Losing That (ride home)
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